Wednesday October 1, 2008

We have had some of the best opportunities for photo op’s this week! 🙂 Take a look! And keep looking forward to more pics from Europe… I promise they’ll come soon. Once we figure out our computer situation and get my computer working again, I’ll be more comfy with posting pics. Steven’s computer feels so foreign and unfamiliar to me! 🙂
and Krista–
Yes, Colin and Ashley are expecting twins. Woo hoo!!! We are completely psyched.
And we were gone for three weeks… pics soon, for sure! 🙂

L: my friend Shelby with her little daughter Elise Marie Grace — she’s at home now, about six pounds, and two months old! She’s doing so well, and we praise God for His awesome kindness.
R: my friend Elizabeth who is 32 weeks pregnant with a little girl, and my sweet Gabriel.

L: playing on the counter with his toys while Mama makes dinner
R: smiling in his swing — I love this outfit!

L: dinner on Sunday — crepes! Ooooh sooooooo goooooood.
R: pretty proud of my mmmmm-yummy crepes.

L: Gabriel and his little pal Emma Grace. Don’t they look related? We think they look like twins in this picture.
R: And here they are holding hands! Watching a movie too. Where’s the popcorn? Hm. Maybe a thermos of milk??

L: shopping at the mall, Gabriel tried on this adorable newsboys hat. No, I didn’t buy it for him but I sure thought he looked cute. Look at those cheeks!
R: and here we are!!! Gabriel and me with our sweet friends Carrie and Emma. We’re so excited to have them with us this week!! They’re traveling from Alaska to their new home in New York. We are very thankful they fit a visit with us into their schedule. And now we’re sad they’re moving so far away.


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