My Wee Bibliophile

Asher has always loved books, with a passion and dedication that has long surprised us, literally from infancy.

And today, a month shy of 3 1/2, we sat together on the couch and he read to me.

I brought out some readers that Gabriel had used when he learned to read, and Asher quickly read me the first six without any mistakes. All by himself. Later, he proceeded to read to his father, his grandmama, and his grandpapa. He was ecstatic ~ we were so proud.

What a delight and a joy this blessed boy has always been… and this is just one more way that he delights and surprises me.
Not even 3 1/2 years old, and sounding out words and reading kindergarten books like a pro. He’d been reading signs to me for a while, but I had not realized somehow that he can actually read!
I’m so proud of my wee bibliophile.

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  1. That is awesome!! I’m so happy for him and for you. You must be so proud of him! Reading opens up a whole new world….

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